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PopMart Garfield Day Dream Blind Box Full Set

PopMart Garfield Day Dream Blind Box Full Set

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The PopMart Garfield Day Dream Series Blind Box Set is a collection of 12 different designs of Garfield figures with the possibility of a secret (chase) figure in some of the sets by random.


The figures are available in single blind boxes or a case of 12. Each figure stands at approximately 3 inches tall and comes mystery packed so you never know what figure you will get until you open the box.


The chance to get a hidden figurine is around 1 in 144 blind boxes. The Garfield Dream Series has 12 regular figurines and 1 secret edition. The figures are randomly arranged in each blind box. 


Product Weight - 1444 grams

Dimensions - 32.5 x 10.5 x 24.5 cm

Includes 12 Designs 

Not Suitable for kids under 3 years

Recommened for age 15 and up


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