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Popmart Skullpanda Everyday Wonderland

Popmart Skullpanda Everyday Wonderland

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- The Popmart Skullpanda Everyday Wonderland is a blind box series of collectible figures produced by Pop Mart.


- The series is inspired by the concept of 'Heterotopia - Illusion in Reality' and features Skullpanda, an 'Alice-like character', capturing the many sides of ourselves in our everyday lives.


- The figures are dressed up as iconic characters from famous fables, and there are 12 unique designs to collect.


- The series includes various characters such as The Cold Hearted, The Preachy, The Dreamer, and The Loyal


- The figures are sold as single blind boxes, The figures are made of plastic and are approximately 3-4 inches (7.62-10.16 cm) tall


- The blind box concept means that the buyer won't know which figure they will get until they open the box

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